KW, 41
"Just wanted to say thank you for being patient and making me feel at ease, I'm thrilled with my results thank you"

BA, 46
"I just wanted to say thank you so much again already I can see the difference – fabulous!"

SH, 38
"Just wanted to touch base with you as it's now 2 weeks after my treatment. I'm absolutely thrilled with the results - best birthday present ever! I will definitely be booking in for a repeat treatment when it begins to wear off."

CG, 39
"I approached Claudia from Morley Aesthetics because I was desperate to rid my very prominent frown lines, which other professionals had failed to do. Claudia helped me by listening to what I wanted to achieve and by guiding me in the right direction to get the results I wanted.

The results were amazing!!!!

I found Claudia to be extremely professional, and was comforted by the way she worked, I completely felt at ease throughout the whole experience as Claudia has a very "calming" nature. It was nice to feel as though I wasn't getting "ripped off" as many of these companies seem to do. Claudia even took the time to follow up on her work personally to make sure I was happy.

Overall I found my experience and several since to be extremely successful and pleasant. I would feel confident to recommend Claudia from Morley aesthetics to anyone and could safely say that they are in safe hands."

JM, 50
"VERY pleased with the filler! Nearly a week since you did it and it's looking fab! Thank you!"

CC, 56
"Just thought I would drop you a line to say how delighted I am with the fillers that I had last week. I can't believe the difference it has made without making it look as though I have had anything 'done.' I went to a reunion on Saturday and met old colleagues that I had not seen for over 20 years & everyone said I'd not changed a bit! I feel so much more confident now that I look less tired & grumpy."

JB, 62
"‘Having just turned 60 & thankfully being a fit & active person generally content with my appearance. There was just one thing which I couldn’t hide. Two miserable lines going from the corners of my mouth to my jaw line, creating very grey & aging shadows. I’d kept an old BMV magazine with an article about Claudia’s treatment for enhancing the face so with a slight feeling of trepidation I made an appointment to have these lines ‘filled’. I have never had such treatment before or ever spoken to anyone who has. On meeting Claudia I immediately felt in safe hands & instinctively felt she would do a great job An hour after & 20 injections later I looked in the mirror & squealed ‘am I dreaming?’ They had VANISHED! "

MB, 55
"I'm absolutely delighted with the results of my treatment. If you're thinking about having something like this but you're not sure, go along for a consultation. Dr Morley is lovely and puts you at ease straightaway. She explained everything and I knew I was making an informed decision. I saw an immediate improvement and my skin feels great."

GH, 49
"I feel like a new woman, more confident and beautiful, I was nervous about what to expect, the results are life changing!"

JF, 62
"I would just like to say a big thank you for the treatment you did for me. I had previously had Botox elsewhere which had not made much improvement. Having had a recommendation I came to you with my daughter. You gave me an honest opinion of what I could expect to achieve. You thoroughly explained the procedure in a way I could understand and were clear with the costs. I decided to have Botox and fillers and was delighted with the results from both. Having had a suspected Bell's palsy I was left slightly lopsided, the Botox evened my face which is now perfectly even.

You saw me for a review two weeks later and topped up certain areas free of charge. You have given me so much more confidence Claudia (which I was very much lacking!) I still see me when I look in the mirror but a much much more youthful looking me! My daughter is also extremely pleased with the whole experience.

You are very professional, kind and caring. The clinic is extremely calming and immaculate. Both the Botox and filers where pain free.

I will be back soon and would highly recommend you. "

MS, 48
"Can you please pass on my thanks to Dr Morley for sorting me out at my recent appointment. I am extremely happy with the outcome, I feel 1000 times better since having it done."

LB, 35 (Tear Troughs)
"My eyes look awesome, really pleased with them. For the first time for years, I've been confident to go out without under eye concealer.
Really happy. Thank you"

LW, 40 (Tear troughs)
"I am really pleased with the result as my bags were truly terrible. The result is subtle to anyone else but I can see a big difference and my eye bags are no longer the first thing I see when I look in the mirror. "

DL, 44
"Thank you very much for making me look good. You changed my life I feel so confident about myself now and I started to smile a lot more. Am so glad I found you and I will highly recommend.

The tear trough area under my eyes was getting more and more sunken in from age and exhaustion setting in. I was VERY nervous to have filler injected around my eyes But I really needed to turn back the clock a bit. My injections were a great success. I feel and look YEARS younger, rested and better than before and I had zero bruising, swelling or any signs that I had had anything injected"

DJ, 42
"Claudia, you're so talented. My nose crease has vanished! I'm totally delighted with your treatment. The result is much better than I expected. Many thanks."

JJ, 31
"I'd like to say thank you so much. My lips look amazing. Even my husband said wow, no-one would know, they don't look fake. So thank you very much."

JW, 33
"Please let Claudia know I'm over the moon with my lip filler they look AMAZING."

HC, 46
"Hi Claudia just wanted to say the cheekbone filler you did yesterday looks amazing , I am really pleased with the results, along with the rest of the filler it's really freshened my face up and when the Botox kicks in I'll look like a new woman. Thank you so much"

MM, 40
"I just want to say Thank you! You are a miracle worker with the botox!"

FA, 39
"My face looks so much better. Just perfect! Thank you again"

LW, 57
"I just want to thank you for changing my life and making me feel more confident the last couple of years and the last time I saw you a couple of weeks ago you did my lips as well and I love the results. You have made a huge difference to my life and I thank you from the heart. "

VS, 41
"I am absolutely over the moon , I was so nervous about the end results .

I sent my husband a photo whilst he is still at work and he said I look great . Hey that’s something !

I did keep checking myself out in the mirror on the way home ..it was hard not too . Ha ha .

Thank you for all your care and attention today , I knew I found the right person to carry out my treatment I have wanted for such a long time."

SL, 50
"I just LOVE them!"

VP, 71
"Hurray frown free again thanks to Dr Morley and Botox. It makes life so much easier to face the world without a frown. I do not have to explain that I am not unhappy. If anyone is considering having botox i would say do not waste time do it. My only regret is that I did not do it much sooner. I look forward to seeing Claudia Morley for my appointments she is so professional charming and friendly, her consulting room is tranquil in fact the whole visit is a treat."